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Direct Mail Consumer Marketing

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The backbone of any local business is local customers, and direct mail is an excellent method to reach local consumers. Surveys have shown that direct mail has a deeper and more lasting impact on a potential customer than digital mail, which is why it can be effective for your local business.

Direct mail can be developed in a few different ways – it can be in the form of coupons, direct advertisements, postcards about your company and its services, or direct samples sent at the request of potential customers. Any sales or promotions can be announced via direct mail, or your company can simply focus on making sure your local consumers know about and recognize your company for their needs.

If your company also produces a specific kind of product that can be marketed in sample format, then contacting consumers directly or through websites that promote samples can be a great way to get your company’s products known by consumers throughout the country.

FutureROI can help your company develop and design the types of direct mail that will be most effective for your local consumers. FutureROI can then help your company deploy these mailers to your local consumers – using criteria you decide upon (such as by zip code, area, within so many miles, or specific neighborhoods). FutureROI can even help your company set up and deploy samples to consumers who have requested them – and promote the program online through various methods.

Types of direct mail may include:

·        Announcements
·        Upcoming Events
·        Sales or Promotions
·        New Products or Services
·        Samples
·        Mini-Calendars

Since direct mail can vary so widely based on the needs of your company and consumers, prices will vary depending upon the types of mail needed and the amount of consumers your company would like to reach. Contact us at FutureROI and we can help your company identify possible avenues for direct mail advertising and set up a campaign that works for your needs.





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