Create and Maintain Subscription Email Lists

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A subscription email list for your company is an excellent way to stay in contact with your customers, both past and potential. This list can be formed through a number of ways and FutureROI can help your company establish a subscription mailing list even if you do not currently have one.

FutureROI can create a custom subscription sign up form on your website where customers can submit their email address to “opt-in” to your subscription list, giving your company permission to contact them about sales, promotions, new services or products, events, or major news. This email list can be maintained digitally so that you, as the company, will have access to it.

FutureROI can also help your company establish a protocol for collecting email addresses in order to populate a subscription list with the contact information for your current and potential customers. In addition, FutureROI can take any existing mailing list or email addresses you may have and incorporate it into the online subscription service so that the list can be maintained digitally and you never have to worry about losing it!

The next time your company has a sale or big news to share with customers, this mailing list will be essential to help your customers be aware of what is going on – increasing your business sales and activities!



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