Video Content Creation and Distribution

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Video is an extremely powerful form of communication that can make a memorable and substantial impact on potential customers.

In the current technology-based online market, videos can be extremely viral and attract a lot of attention. Videos will account for 90% of internet traffic by 2014, and it is vital that your company has videos so they can be seen by potential customers around the world.

Companies such as Zappos depends on video reviews on YouTube to routinely drive new traffic and potential customers to their website, and many consumers now look for video reviews of products or services prior to making purchases.

Video content can vary depending on your company’s specific needs, but they may include reviews, advertisements, slideshows of products or projects, or direct messages from the company to consumers. These videos can reach out to potential customers to give them some insight into what your company provides so that they can determine whether you are the company for them.

FutureROI can help your company determine what types of video content would be beneficial and highlight your company’s products or services. In order to create this kind of content, a consultant at FutureROI would need information about your company, your industry, any services you provide, and specific products you want to promote.

Video Content may Include:

  • Positive Reviews from Previous Customers
  • Advertisements for Sales or Specific Products/Services
  • Highlights of New Products or Services
  • Announcements of Upcoming Events or Sales
  • Brand Awareness Images or Slides

As every industry can be different, FutureROI will need to work closely with your company to determine what kinds of video content would best fit your company’s industry and needs. FutureROI can then distribute these videos so that they can be found on the internet. Prices may vary depending on your specific needs.





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