Social Media Marketing

Even if your website or company already has a Facebook and Twitter account, you may still be missing out on a vital social media market that could help your company skyrocket to the top in your industry. Social media marketing is still a relatively new industry, but it is one that can truly help your customers find your company or website, learn about your products and services, and decide whether or not they want to deal with you – long before they ever visit your site or walk into your store.
Think about these statistics:
    • 700 YouTube Video Links are shared on Twitter every minute
    • reports that YouTube drove 250k visits to their website in 2012
    • Over 1 billion active users are on Facebook
    • Facebook will account for 13% of worldwide mobile ad revenue in 2013
    • Facebook users shared 2.5 Billion pieces of content on the site every day
    • Over 70% of Business-to-Consumer marketers have acquired customers through Facebook
    • Over 40% of US Marketers have found customers through LinkedIn
    • LinkedIn has over 238 million users
    • Twitter users send 400 million tweets every day
    • Over 50% of technology companies have acquired a customer through Twitter
    • 25% of consumers who post complaints about products on Facebook or Twitter expect a response within an hour
    • 70% of brands have a presence on Google+
    • 90% of US online specialty retailers use Pinterest
    • 25% of online US women use Pinterest
    • Over 40% of brands post 1 or more photos per week to an Instagram account
    • 59% of brands have a presence on Instagram
With this information in mind, it is important to ensure your company, products, services, or website are reaching consumers through these social media outlets. Whether it is through Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, or Linkedin, your company needs to be present and noticed in a positive light. FutureROI can help your company establish and maintain a positive social media presence that is upbeat, professional, and maintains communication with your customers while also branching out to reach and gain new customers.

Facebook Marketing

Our Social Media experts can help your business build and maintain a community on Facebook by creating a business profile and page, attract fans, and encourage engagement from your customers and consumers. This may include creating a daily content plan that will grow your social media presence and increase your brand’s visibility in order to convert your fans into customers.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter has become the hub of “micro blogging” and can be an excellent way for your company or brand to reach out to customers in a quick and accessible manner. FutureROI can offer you a plan to promote your business in real-time through offering deals, promoting products or sales, or sharing news in order to build a follower base and engaging your clients.

LinkedIn Marketing

With over 65% of companies using LinkedIn to reach out to customers, this can be an excellent avenue to improve your business relationships directly with companies and customers alike. FutureROI can help you build your LinkedIn network and establish yourself as an authority in your industry.

Pinterest Marketing

With so many potential customers using Pinterest everyday (over 25% of women are using Pinterest), this can be an essential avenue to increase your company’s brand recognition. FutureROI can help you reach new audiences, increase exposure to your products and company, and generate new leads through Pinterest to boost your sales!

What can FutureROI do for your site in Social Media?
  • Establish a Social Media Presence (Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin)

  • Develop a Social Media Marketing Plan

  • Create and Manage a Facebook Page

  • Create and Manage a Twitter Account

  • Develop a Monthly Pinterest Program

  • Develop and Manage a LinkedIn Account

  • Develop and Promote YouTube Content

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