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Do you currently have a website but find that it is not drawing enough visitors and traffic? A website needs more work than a few pages on the internet – if you truly want your website to thrive, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a key aspect to develop a truly successful website. SEO is the process by which a site is optimized to attract visitors via organic search engine traffic. Today, the most commonly used search engine is Google, which has a very strict algorithm to determine where a site should be placed in the search engine results. If you want your site to appear in the top Google rankings, it will take some SEO work, but the rewards of being a high-ranking site are well worth the work involved. We know in detail what the search engines are looking for from your site and we can help optimize your site to gain the most possible traffic through organic keywords as possible.

Comprehensive Website Analysis

In order to start the work necessary for your site, we will conduct a detailed and comprehensive analysis of your site’s current standings in terms of on-site SEO and current search engine rankings. We can determine through this analysis what will benefit your site most and whether or not your site has or needs specific SEO elements (such as meta tags, canonical tags, keyword optimization, link building, search engine friendly urls, and more). After we determine what your site needs for on-site SEO, we can then help you build a comprehensive SEO plan that will push your site to be in the top rankings for your primary keywords on search engines like Google.

Onsite Meta Tags

A key aspect to proper SEO for your website is the use of meta tags which are tags that tell the search engine essential and vital information about your website. This includes the description for your website which displays in the search engine results, keywords for your website to help guide search engines understand the content of your site, and so many more! We want to make sure your site is taking the most advantage possible of its existing content through this onsite implementation.

Technical Optimization

As part of our analysis, we’ll determine if your site has technical issues that need to be addressed. Technical issues can hurt your website’s rankings and affect how well your website performs for users. Google and other search engines take this into consideration before determining what websites they want to display to their users – preferring well-optimized and “technically perfect” websites over those that are flawed. We will look at page loading speeds, broken links, SEO friendly page names, and other issues related to images and site architecture that could cause issues in generating organic traffic.

SEO and User Friendly Content Development

Search engines such as Google use the content of your site to determine if your site should be shown to their users. If your content is relevant, unique, and fresh, then search engines are more likely to show this content to their visitors – and this will generate more traffic to your site! Your website needs keyword optimized content that is truly unique and fresh to provide your visitors with relevant information. If your website does not have enough of this kind of content, we will work with you on a plan to address this issue and develop fresh, unique content for your site.

Link Building and Management

Another key aspect that search engines look at is the authority of your site among other sites on the internet. If your site is not linked to by other sites, this can negatively affect your organic search engine rankings. We can work on a plan for you that will create innovative and organic links to your site that will meet Google requirements for quality link building strategies and will show search engines that your site has authority on its topic.

SEO Campaign Reports

We will provide on-going reports on your SEO Campaign that details what has been done and what has changed in your site’s keyword rankings. It may take 3-4 months for a site that is over 1 year old to experience significant changes in search engine rankings, and SEO work for your site requires on-going maintenance for your site to stay at the top of the rankings. We will continue to monitor your site’s progress and provide additional consultation where needed to truly drive unique traffic to your site.

Pricing and Terms

SEO services need to be continued on a month-to-month basis and start at around $350 per month. SEO plans are customized to your site specifically, so prices are subject to your site’s needs. Low competition keywords can see top 10 results in about 2 months. Medium competition keywords can see top rankings in 3-4 months. High competition keywords may take longer, depending on the amount of competition involved. Rankings can generally move from top 10 to top 5 in 1-2 months, but your site’s SEO package may need to be adjusted after your site reaches top 10 or top 5.

How can FutureROI Improve Your Site Further?

  • Geo Targeted SEO Services

    • FutureROI can help your site focus on specific Geo targeted keywords.
  • SEO Friendly Web Design Services

    • FutureROI can help you build or redesign your website to be more SEO friendly with an appropriate Content Management System and personalized design where you will have control over your content and can make updates yourself.
    • Logo Design or Re-Design services to make your site’s logo “pop” for your customer
  • 1 on 1 SEO Consulting

    • FutureROI can provide 1 on 1 consulting for your site to personalize the plan needed to move your site from its current rankings to top rankings.
  • Content Creation

    • FutureROI can provide quality articles and content for your site for as low as $15 per article.
  • Print Marketing

    • FutureROI can help your company reach local consumers through various print marketing campaigns.
  • Email Marketing

    • FutureROI can help your site develop and maintain email campaigns.
  • Local Marketing

    • FutureROI can help you target local consumers through local marketing campaigns.
  • Online Reputation Management

    • FutureROI can help your company improve it’s online reputation through positive brand management.
  • Virtual Marketing Assistant

  • Social Media Marketing

    • FutureROI can improve your company’s social media presence through Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and More.
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