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Are you running a local business but want to make sure you are achieving a higher level of market saturation to your local consumers? Print marketing is still an extremely essential part of any marketing plan for a local business. According to a survey conducted by International Communications Research, over 70% of consumers prefer to receive printed mail advertisements over other forms of advertising. Therefore, if you want to reach your local customers efficiently, print marketing is something FutureROI would strongly recommend! Print marketing comes in various forms, but may include mailers and mail-based advertising, business cards (or other cards such as appointment cards depending on the business), direct mailing, flyers, and signage. All of these printed forms of communication can help your local consumers learn about and become interested in your company and its products or services.

Direct Mailing to Local Consumers

An essential tool for any local business is the use of direct mailing. This is the process by which advertisements or announcements about your business reach directly into the hands of local consumers in your area. FutureROI can help you develop these mailers and have them delivered to consumers in your area, targeting specific Zip codes or a specific distance from your business as desired.

Local Market Print Advertising

Every local market has a variety of methods where your business can be advertised. This may include listings in PennySaver, in your local newspaper, in your local Yellow Pages, or in other area-specific advertising materials. FutureROI will help your business locate and identify local area print advertising where your business should be present in order to reach the most consumers possible.

Flyers and Signage

An extremely essential tool for any local business is the use of flyers and signage. This may include signs outside of your business, or it may mean flyers that can be distributed in your local area.  FutureROI can help your company determine what kind of signage or flyers may be needed to improve your local marketing abilities and assist you in deploying an appropriate print marketing campaign.

Business or Appointment Cards

Every business needs business cards, even if your company is a mobile notary service. Business cards are a reminder for your customers about your company and will help make a lasting impression on them. Business cards may came in a variety of forms – some may be simple and direct, others may be more complicated, allowing for appointments to be written on them, highlighting special dates or events, or drawing attention to something else important for your company. FutureROI can help your company determine what kinds of cards would work best for your company. In addition, FutureROI can help your company design and obtain these cards.  
What can FutureROI for your Company in Print Marketing?
  • Direct Mail to Consumers

    • FutureROI can help your company create a direct mail campaign to target consumers
  • Develop Business or Appointment Cards

  • Develop and Deploy Flyers and Signage

    • FutureROI can help your company develop and deploy flyers, banners, and signs for greater visibility.
  • Identify and Manage Local Print Advertising Opportunities

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