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Press Release Creation and Distribution

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Does your website or company have big news it wants to share with customers or the industry at large? If so, have you considered doing a press release to announce it?

Press releases are formalized documents with key information included that are created and distributed to announce specific “major” changes or news. An example of a press release would be, for instance, if a new retailer has picked up a specific brand of clothing from a production company. The production company can then announce via the press release that their clothing line is now available at specific retailers.

In addition to creating press releases for your company, FutureROI can also help by distributing these press releases to many online sources. Press releases that are distributed properly this way will often be republished on websites around the world – an excellent avenue for getting exposure to your company or website!

What can be announced via a Press Release?

  • New Product Lines
  • Events
  • Awards
  • New Services
  • Sales or Financial Data (positive ones specifically)
  • New Business Relationships
  • Accomplishments

FutureROI can help your company identify potential press release topics, develop press releases, and then distribute these press releases out to media sources. Prices may vary depending on the specific needs for the press release.



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