Online Reputation Management

Online reviews can either hurt or help your company’s reputation and may drive customers to your company – or away from your company. Over 70% of consumers say that they truth online reviews or complaints and will use this information to help make purchasing decisions. This means that just a few negative reviews about your company or products can create a negative reputation for your company that will hurt your company’s sales. A strong company reputation can be built through a variety of ways, and FutureROI will help ensure that your company’s reputation remains intact and stays positive. This will help your company by ensuring your potential customers will see positive information on review sites and in the search engines.

Countering Negative Content

When negative feedback does occur about your company or its products, it can be countered by ensuring that positive feedback gains higher rankings on search engines and review sites, such as YELP, AngiesList, Yahoo, or Google. FutureROI will look for areas where negative content has occurred and can respond with positive feedback and follow up comments to counteract them.

Developing Positive Review Content

Positive reviews can come in a number of forms. Some of these may be direct reviews on review sites, others may be blog posts, some may be tweets, some may be graphics, and some may be videos. Positive brand recognition can be formed in the same way – such as through business listings, videos on YouTube, positive blogs, company tweets, and press releases. FutureROI will help you develop a plan that will help get a positive message about your company out to your current and potential customers.

Soliciting Customer Reviews

Customer reviews can be essential to your company – not just as a review of past experiences, but also as a way of making improvements. If customer reviews consistently present specific information that is negative about your company, you can develop methods to address these issues for future customers. FutureROI can help your company reach out to past customers and solicit customer reviews. Positive reviews can be posted on review sites to help improve your company’s overall reputation, while other reviews may help you make improvements to your company’s business practices    
What can FutureROI do to Manage Your Site’s Reputation?
  • Identify and Address Negative Content

  • Develop Positive Reviews (text, graphic, or video)

  • Solicit Past Customer Reviews

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