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Infographic Creation and Distribution

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Are you interested in a unique and fresh way to reach out to new customers or increase the traffic to your website? Infographics are an excellent way to find new potential visitors while also improving the “visibility” of your website or company.

Infographics have been around for a long time, but were traditionally used on posters (such as in doctor’s offices) to provide information while also “branding” a company, product, or service to potential consumers. They provide information in a clean way, using graphics to illustrate the information so that it is easy to “digest” and remember.

Not only is this a great way to “advertise” your company’s products and services, but it also establishes authority by demonstrating to current and potential customers that your company knows its marketplace and its industry. Infographics can help your company reach a wider market and drive more potential customers directly back to you.

FutureROI can help your company identify potential infographic opportunities based on the products and services your company or website offer. We can then develop and distribute these infographics so that they can reach a wide audience, providing information while also clearly identifying your company in the graphic.

Features of an infographic:

  • Clearly shows data in a “digestible” format
  • Demonstrates purpose and topic
  • Targets a specific audience
  • Constructs an engaging story that the viewer can remember
  • Makes complicated issues more understandable
  • Focuses on a clear structure that is not overwhelming
  • Conceptually “fits” into its industry

In order to create successful infographics for your website or company, FutureROI will need information about your company’s products or services. FutureROI can then customize infographics specifically for your needs, targeting your potential audience and focusing on your industry. Prices may vary depending on the needs for the infographic.



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