Content Based Portfolio

The following is a selection of our flagship properties. FutureROI owns and operates a portfolio of premium content based sites and blogs with a social or gaming connection.
Playstation 4 Info is an information portal for the upcoming PS4 gaming console. is a directory of medical marijuana doctors and clinics within California. is an informational portal relating to all things Xbox. is an information portal for all things relating to Nintendo Wii. is an informational portal for all things related to the PSVita. - Group Prayers and Prayer Requests

A website devoted to group prayers, prayer requests, and inspirational prayers for those in need.

L0Lz  A great site for funny pictures of all kinds – funny social humor, funny animals, and funny people! The Disaster  A site to help preppers be ready for upcoming emergencies. Find information on how to get ready, kits you can use, and how to protect yourself and your family in an emergency.

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How To Tips and information for beauty, hair styling, and makeup. Find great supplies and guides to being beautiful every day.


Social Game Portfolio

The following is a selection of our flagship social gaming properties. FutureROI owns and operates a portfolio of premium social gaming properties under the SocialKicks banner.
Weed Wars  Weed Wars is a game based on the life and times of a marijuana dealer operating outside the law. Gladiator Games  Gladiator Games is a social game based around the struggle and competition of a roman gladiator. Frontier Outlaws  Frontier Outlaws is a social game set in the time of the American wild west.  
How to kill Zombies  How to kill Zombies is a social game that puts the players in a world infected with zombies. More Coming Soon More Coming Soon
  FutureROI develops a number of different products, including social gaming applications under the name SocialKicks: SocialKicks Social Gaming Community SocialKicks develops unique Flash and PHP hybrid games. These games focus on competitiveness among its players while also focusing on viral and social activities that allow players to work with one another, help one another, or attack one another. SocialKicks also has a Social Gaming Community for gamers to connect with one another, share images, play arcade games, share videos, or simply interact together. will soon be adding additional features, such as the integration of fully functional hybrid (Flash/PHP) games that can be played entirely from within the gaming community. Check out the FutureROI social games portfolio.