Email Marketing

Over 40% of email recipients made at least one purchase last year based on a promotional email they received over people who buy products marketed through email spend 138% more than people who do not receive email offers. Email marketing has been used to reach out to both new and established customers for many years, but it is still an essential part of any online marketing plan – one that should not be neglected for your website or company! FutureROI can establish an email marketing plan for your website that creates a strong online presence, helps your company reconnect with existing customers, and helps to broaden your site’s reach to new customers.

Establishing a “Subscription” Email List

Any  email marketing plan we would help establish for your website would start with an “opt-in” or subscription service to help build a custom email list of your existing customers who are already interested in hearing more about your company’s offers and deals. This subscription service can be established through your website, but we would also encourage any brick and mortar business to also collect email addresses of walk-in customers as well that would be interested. These emails can also be added to any existing email list your company or website already has.

Email Campaigns

In order to best utilize any email list, FutureROI would help you establish an email campaign that can include content creation, coupons, social media awareness, video integration, and brand customization that will let your customers and potential customers know about specials, new products, new services, or any other news related to your company or website.


One of the big “hits” of the email campaign world is the use of newsletters. Most major companies use periodic newsletters (often once per month, but some as frequent as every week) which share new information about their company, promotions, sales, or events that are coming up. FutureROI can help your company build newsletters that will shine and stand out from the competition.

Reporting and Analysis

FutureROI can provide on-going and extensive reports and analysis for your email market campaigns that can show you information such as deliverability rates, click through rates, traffic referrals, and subscribe rates so that you can see what your email campaign is doing for you. FutureROI can also provide on-going adjustments as needed    
What can FutureROI do for Your Site in Email Marketing?
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