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Create and Maintain Newsletters

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It is always cheaper and more cost effective to keep your customers than it is to find new customers. A newsletter is one way by which your company can stay in contact with past and current customers to ensure that they continue to want to utilize your company’s products or services instead of looking elsewhere.

Newsletters can be a lot of work, but if done properly, they can be very rewarding in customer retention and generating on-going business. The best way to do a newsletter is to stick to a regular schedule – if it is a weekly newsletter, it needs to go out every week. If it is a monthly letter, it needs to go out every month. If it is a quarterly newsletter, it should go out at the start of every quarter.

FutureROI can help your company develop a custom newsletter that suits your company’s design and industry – personalized to increase the visibility of your “brand.” In addition, FutureROI can help set up the schedule by which that newsletter would be sent out, and will make contact with your company to ensure up to date and current information goes into every newsletter.

What should go into a newsletter?

  • Upcoming product or service promotions
  • Upcoming sales or “deals”
  • Upcoming events or activities
  • Company news or announcements
  • Highlight new or existing ways to use products or services
  • Spotlight best customers or best employees
  • Introduce new services or products

With newsletters, your company can continue to make periodic reconnections with existing customers that will benefit your company and give your company the opportunity to build customer trust and confidence. FutureROI will work with you to create a newsletter campaign program that best addresses your company’s needs. Prices may vary depending on the frequency of the newsletter and the amount of content desired for each newsletter.



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