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The first step on the road to high rankings on organic keywords in search engines like Google is fresh, high quality, unique content for your website. This content needs to be relevant to the products or services provided by your company or website and needs to be written with your website’s target keywords in mind for the best results possible.

Search engines such as Google use bots to scan the pages of websites and determine what the pages are about. This will allow search engines to “know” who to show this information to when visitors use their search engines. In order to reach the right audiences, your website needs to contain quality content that shows your company’s authority on the topic in order to rank highly for specific topics.

FutureROI can help your website achieve better overall organic keyword rankings by providing quality articles for your website. These articles will be 100% original, mistake free, able to demonstrate authority on the specific material being discussed, and target specific terms or keywords.

Quality content guidelines:

  • 100% Original
  • Grammatically Correct
  • No Spelling or Sentence Structure Mistakes
  • Demonstrates Authority on the Topic
  • Targets Specific Keywords or Phrases

FutureROI will customize these articles to specifically address the needs of your website’s audience and industry. Since these articles are specifically designed for your website, costs may vary, but start at approximately $15 per 300 word article.



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