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1-on-1 SEO Consultation

Do you already have a website but do not feel you are getting enough traffic from it? Do you want to see a true improvement in your website’s search engine rankings, but do not know where to start? FutureROI’s 1 on 1 SEO Consultation services may be exactly what you need to boost the organic traffic your website is receiving and help you reach more visitors and more potential customers! In order to benefit your existing website and develop a strong SEO plan, our consultant needs to know key information about your company, including your company’s industry, products, services, target market, and location. After our SEO consultant knows this information, he or she will analyze your site, its current rankings, its industry, and its competitors using the following information:
  • Keyword research and analysis
  • Analysis of market competition
  • Technical analysis and recommendations for your site
  • Content analysis and review for unique, quality content
  • Baseline data information (current traffic, rankings, conversions, time-on-page, landing pages)
  • Link analysis and building
Once our SEO consultant has had the opportunity to review this information for your website, FutureROI can help you develop an appropriate SEO plan to boost your traffic. This plan will be customized for your site, and pricing may vary depending on the needs of your website and your industry’s competitiveness.
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